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Nonprofit Organizations

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Community Center of Hope, Inc.

The Community Center of Hope functions offers a childcare service and a food pantry.

543 Washington St, Hope, IN 47246


Heritage Fund

Heritage Fund is the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County and home to the Hawcreek-Flat Rock Area Endowment. We work with donors to connect their gifts with causes they care about. We offer grants, scholarships and gift planning expertise.


P.O. Box 1547, Columbus, IN 47201


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Simmons One Room Schoolhouse

Simmons School is a restored one-room schoolhouse that sits behind Hope Elementary. We offer day-long field trips into the past for students throughout Indiana. Students visit in period clothing, carrying old fashioned lunches ready to spend a school day in the past as they study, work, and play as their great-great-grandparents would have.


P.O. Box 141, Hope, IN 47246


Student's Fund of Hope

SFOH is a registered nonprofit specifically designed to provide resources to FRHC students and their families in the form of financial relief such as, but not limited to the following: Depleted/ Negative Lunch Account Assistance, Book Rental Help, Clothing/Shoes/Coats, Tragic Event Relief, Extra-Curricular Activity Assistance, and Teacher/School Staff Resource for help with student needs.

13051 N. Rivergrove Dr, Columbus, IN 47203


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Yellow Trail Museum

The Yellow Trail Museum is our local history museum. Our building houses thousands of artifacts that have been donated by individuals connected to our community. In the past few years, we have added a research area in which many items have been digitized for easy access for research. And for the past two years, we have added the Visitor Information Center that shares tourist information with people from our community as well as those from around the state and nation.


644 Main St, Hope, IN 47246


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